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Welcome to ConsumerHealthExpert’s guide to brain enhancement supplements, or nootropics. Over the past several years, there have been a dramatic spike in interest surrounding smart pills that have the ability to improve the brain’s memory, focus, or other cognitive functions.

Initially kept secret among the most elite and well connected, certain cognitive enhancers have only recently been revealed to the pubic after publications such as NBC, CNN, and Entrepreneurrevealed their popularity among financial traders, Silicon Valley techies, and even certain members of the US military. With all the hype and speculation surrounding these types of supplements, our collaboration of health experts and nutritionist have undertaken thorough research to decide which brain supplement we consider most effective.

Our Research Approach

We researched the supplements from our in-house facility to ensure and verify that the ingredients are both authentic and safe. Furthermore, we personally survey hundreds of people who have used these products over the course of several months to gain a better understanding of their experiences. Based on our in-depth research, we make a final recommendation as to what product provides the best result and value.

With so many health supplements on the market, our nutrition experts have done an amazing job in their efforts to recommend  only the most effective supplements on the market. Our research have also contributed to countless press releases and health blogs all across the industry.

Based on months of research and analysis, we have rated the top brain enhancement supplements on the following criteria:

✔ Quality of Ingredients                          ✔ Price

✔ Lab Tests                                               ✔ Safety

✔ Customer Reviews                               ✔ Guarantee

✔ Brand Reputation                                 ✔ Short or Long Term Results



Final Assessment

As an experienced health consultant and nutrition researcher, I have obtained a great deal of insight into how various nootropics affect the human brain. I have also had the privilege to speak at various health conferences where I shared the pros and cons of cognitive enhancement supplements. When I first started researching the trial testings of pills such as Geniux, Max Synapse, and Optimind, I became very intrigued by their beneficial properties where users experienced significant improvements in focus, concentration, and mental clarity. One test found that at least 91% of users referenced noticeable improvements in their mental alertness and retention. Even more impressive was the lack of side effects among most most users with only a few reporting slight dizziness or hyperactivity.

Our months of thorough research was also supplemented by hundreds of customer feedback where they reported how these nootropics affected their focus, memory, mental clarity, duration of results, presence of side effects, and overall effectiveness. Based on all the criteria mentioned above, we listed our top 5 recommendations below:


maxsynapse best seller

Overall Rating:                             9.8/10

Brain Enhancement Results:     9.9/10

Customer Reviews:                     9.7/10

Quality of Ingredients:                9.5/10

Brand Reputation:                       9.9/10

Safety:                                          9.7/10

Max Synapse™




Overall Rating:                             9.5/10

Brain Enhancement Results:     9.5/10

Customer Reviews:                     9.4/10

Quality of Ingredients:                9.6/10

Brand Reputation:                       9.4/10

Safety:                                          9.3/10

Ion Z




Overall Rating:                             8.9/10

Brain Enhancement Results:     9.1/10

Customer Reviews:                     8.7/10

Quality of Ingredients:                9.1/10

Brand Reputation:                       8.8/10

Safety:                                          8.6/10





Overall Rating:                             8.6/10

Brain Enhancement Results:     8.5/10

Customer Reviews:                     8.9/10

Quality of Ingredients:                8.3/10

Brand Reputation:                       8.7/10

Safety:                                          8.4/10


Apex Mastermind




Overall Rating:                             8.1/10

Brain Enhancement Results:     8.0/10

Customer Reviews:                     8.3/10

Quality of Ingredients:                7.8/10

Brand Reputation:                       8.3/10

Safety:                                          7.9/10





  1. Steven

    How many pills in a bottle?
    How and where do I buy it ?
    I live in Hamilton ontario Canada, any stores here?

  2. Brent Breitkreitz

    Would like to try your product

  3. gorillaz

    Hello Brent, thank you for your interest. Since Max Synapse is our top recommended nootropic product, feel free to activate your discount from this page. Wish you the best.

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